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Siouxland, first in the nation Iowa caucus, Sioux City

25 Jan

Iowa political parties, mainly Democrats and Republicans, exercised their first in the nation status this past week by holding caucuses to prepare for upcoming elections, Congressional as well as statehouse. I attended the Woodbury County Democratic caucus held at a local middle school. Roughly 70 plus die-hard party members attended to began planning for the upcoming 2014 elections. I read online that local media said roughly twice as many Republicans attended their caucuses for Woodbury County. Attending these caucuses can sometimes be insightful, but mostly whether ‘blue” or “red”, the people participating are passionate about their politics. You sometimes wished they would keep their vitriolic temperaments to themselves and work at trying to better themselves and their fellow citizens. Beyond the partisanship, this is grassroots politics at its best. The one thing noticeable about the Democratic caucus, and probably the Republican as well in Iowa, is that attending minorities are in short supply. But then again, it was a bitterly cold January Tuesday evening, and most  other people were snug in their homes, watching television.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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