Sioux County Youth Fair

18 Jul

Every year 4-H fairs are held at or around the same time as most county fairs. For most “country” kids, 4-H is a fact of life. But 4-H in these modern times isn’t just for country kids raising livestock, and it really wasn’t that way years ago either. Linda Cleveringa, Sioux County, Iowa, 4-H County Youth Coordinator, said today’s 4-H club members projects range from large animals such as horses, beef, dairy or pigs and sheep to pets, small animals like rabbits and chickens or also non animal projects. “The overall experience is something that teaches children decision making, problem solving, leadership, citizenship, communication and life skills.” Cleveringa said. The 4-H club members put a lot of work into creating projects or raising their animals. During the judging aspect when they show their projects most times the children have to answer detailed questions concerning how the project came about and various aspects involved such as the type and amount of feed for their animal, the type of animal or breed specific it is, or what their non animal project entails.

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Club members must spend time keeping track of their own individual progress on their project and be accurate in their note taking. The Sioux County Youth Fair continues through July 19 at the fair grounds in Sioux Center, Iowa. It is well worth a trip to see the hard work these young people have put into their projects and the pride they exhibit is trying and most times succeeding. As one young man, Isaac Van Beek, Maurice, Iowa, Sioux Stockmen 4-H club member said after receiving a blue ribbon in the Western Pleasure walk/trot riding competition that he will do better next year. 4-H club members continue striving for excellence.  See photographs of the Youth Fair here.

Jerry Mennenga,Sioux City, Iowa

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