Cook’s Blacksmith Shop Museum

9 Aug

Recently C.O. Cook’s Blacksmith Repair shop museum was open in Ponca, NE. According to some literature it originally opened in 1884. I wasn’t able to glean a lot of information about the place, except that it functioned as a working smithy shop until sometime in the 1970’s as far as I understand. There are a number of original tools on hand that makes one realize what kind of technological advances have occurred. But it also makes one realize the craft that was involved in the work done. A local young man, Luke Sorensen, demonstrated some smith work using a portable forge he said dated from the late 1800’s. At this visit I met another local gentleman, Harold Curry, who said he grew up in the Ponca area and can remember as a boy men lining up with their horses waiting for them to be shoed.  The local Ponca Historical Society oversees the museum along with the blacksmith repair shop. President Jackie King-Coughlin said the shop is open roughly three times a year. That same day the Adams House Museum was also open and I will share some thoughts and photographs of the historic place in another post. Reprints can be found here.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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    […] Nebraska, this summer and enjoyed a throw back into time. Located just down the street from the Cook’s Blacksmith Shop, Jackie King-Coughlin, Ponca Historical Society president, was giving tours of the house and […]

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