Fair time in Siouxland, Marcus

16 Aug

Summertime in the Midwest and Iowa in particular for county fairs. I grew up in Illinois and every county had a fair. Those kids who lived on farms were also members of 4-H or FFA and exhibited their animals and other projects at the fair. In Siouxland each and every county has its fair. They all have similar trappings, which is nice. And each have their own niche aspects. I have lived in the area a little over 12 years and just this year learned that the small town of Marcus, Iowa, has its own fair. A community fair, which celebrated its 31st year of existence.

It is what I like about living in areas, more rural areas than large cities, is that there are still those “hidden” gems you never know exist but occasionally run across that you can explore. Not to say large cities don’t have these. I am sure they have more, but small towns are right there in the open but are somewhat invisible. And it had all the trappings of your county fairs, but smaller, with a parade, which will come later in another post. A three-day affair for locals and visitors to enjoy the charms of a small community and to take their minds off whatever political or world event du jour. And enjoy their life there in their community.

Jerry Mennenga

Sioux City, Iowa

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